Forthcoming meetings for autumn

Dairy MF discussion group (closed group), 20th September.
Topic: lameness and mobility scoring.

The group will discuss their herd’s foot care routine and the cost benefits of reducing lameness through mobility scoring and monitoring. The group will walk the host farm tracks for further discussions.

Dairy MF discussion group study trip 27th/28th September.
Moorepark Research Centre for Agriculture, Ireland.

Over the two day study trip the group will attend Moorepark Research Centre where presentations and discussions which will cover; animal health, out wintering and grazing management systems/grazing trials/grass varieties. Following the discussions, the group will visit Curtains Farm and one of the Dairygold farms. The Dairygold Demonstration Farms act as showcase units for the latest grassland, dairy husbandry and herd health practices from the Teagasc dairy research centre at Moorepark. This will allow the group to observe and discuss the research from an on farm perspective. These research farms provide an essential link between the development of new technology at research level and the adoption of these practices at farm level.

Open discussion meeting 3rd Nov, topic and full details to follow